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The Concept Of Charter Business With Luxury Boats

The charter industry of luxury yachts is running effectively as private owners adjust their costs with the income from the charter industry. Many reputed companies from all around the world are offering really luxurious cruising experience through these yachts.

Nowadays, people prefer to look for used boats for sale or can hire charter boats for any particular occasion. To get the best boats at lesser costs, you need to choose the right seller, however.

About the crew

• The crew is needed to be operated with minimum 8 members.

• Generally crew is created with Captain, First Mate, Chief Engineer, Officer, Crew Chef, Engineers, Chefs, Deckhands and Stewardess.

• Luxury boats are maintained by the entire crew throughout the year but in off seasons crew remains untouched.

• Crew areas are situated below the decks which consist of crew cabins, crew mess and laundry.

• Crews can be hired by agencies and different websites.

Buying luxury yachts vs buying used boats

If any individual cannot afford buying luxury yachts, he/she can find used boats for sale. But the demand for new super yachts has been decreased in 2009-2011. Though most of the yacht charter and luxury boat building companies are based in the United States and Western Europe, but yachts are also increasing in New Zealand, Australia, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Yachts of 140-180 meter long are expecting to be seen in 2015 with more luxurious attributes. Some boats are used by the private owners only and some are being operated in charter business. The charter rate of buying luxury boats is thousands and millions of euro/dollars. Expenses of fuel, food and berthage are around 25-30% of the total earnings.

A few words about luxury yachts

Luxury yacht or Mega Yacht is very expensive and owned by any individual most of the time. Luxury yacht is also known as Super yacht or large yacht and this is type of boat is used as motor yacht or professional crew sailing. The yacht boats which are of 24 meters long, considered as super yacht. And the concept of luxury yachts started in 20th century when rich individuals built large yachts for personal uses.

Usage of luxury boats started growing excessively in 1997-2008, and super yachts are generally of 24-70 meters long (79-230 feet). These boats have no real port but these yachts must be registered in the home country in which flag state is present. The most popular flag registered states are Marshall Islands, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Isle of Man. Most of the yachts are seen in the Mediterranean Sea in summer time and in the Caribbean Sea in winter time. Generally yachts are kept in any of the chosen dock when the crew continues maintenance work and waits for guests or owners.