Combat For Fitness With Total Fitness Training.

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The affordable fitness training program is at your doorstep!

If you are passionate about your health and fitness, come join us. Total fitness training is a company offering you mobile personal training in five dock at your preferable place. Whether you want one on one fitness training, virtual training, or small group fitness coaching, we are here to help. We also offer corporate personal training five docks to different companies. This help to develop more productivity in employees and hence work performance is improved. Business owners usually introduce such programs in their organizations to keep their employees motivated and focused on work. It helps the company to grow by more outcomes produced by devoted employees. We offer pre-work training sessions and post-work training sessions to a group of employees. These sessions are of a minimum of 45 minutes to keep the workforce stimulated. Our trainers not only emphasize fitness but also keep track of your nutrition plan, stamina building, muscle building, and mental health progress as well. We provide all the equipment necessary for the training. 


Perks of choosing Total Fitness Training:

We make sure that all our customer’s needs are fulfilled and that they can meet their goals. For that reason, we keep them motivated and involved on regular basis. Personal training five dock includes assistance with weight loss, increase muscular strength, stamina build-up, cardiovascular fitness, higher libido, reduced stress, improved flexibility and improved body posture as well. We have a team of highly experienced and professional experts to deal with any type of health fitness case. Their dedication influences the customers positively. Health coach and personal trainer Evie who is also the director of the company specializes in dealing with diabetic and heart patients. Her expertise is in corporate personal training in five dock, nutrition advice, strength training and health coaching. Will is a personal trainer with knowledge and experience in the sports industry. His specialty is in rehab and injury prevention, weight loss, boxing and group training. Don’t hesitate even if you are a beginner, we make sure to take you from a slow start. Our team is very supportive and friendly. 


Get in touch with us now: 

 We do have clients all over the city including Rockdale, Bexley, Bardwell Park, Earlwood, Hurlstone Park, Canterbury, Kingsgrove, Hurstville, Kogarah, and Oatley, Peakhurst, Padstow, Bankstown, and vicinity. They stay in touch with us virtually as well and gave us wonderful ratings on the website. You can go and witness our 5/5 ratings on google. You can also connect with us easily for personal training five dock as well as corporate personal training five dock. Detailed information is provided on our website. There is a phone number and an email address mentioned on the web page. Moreover, you can submit an online inquiry form on the website. Book your appointment with us instantly. The online portal is very user-friendly to be used. We would love to take you on board in the process of unleashing your true physical and mental potential.